How to Kill Any Interview

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Memorize your application materials

Always write down your application question answers in a separate document. Once you’ve received notice of an interview, go back and find your application answers, the resume you applied with, and your cover letter.

Memorize the job description

The interviewer may ask you to describe the job listing in your own words. Be sure you can do this succinctly before your interview by studying and memorizing the job listing description.

Anticipate likely questions

Most interviews start with a few “HR questions” that you can easily anticipate. Common questions are; “tell us a little bit about yourself” or “tell us why you’re a good fit for this opportunity.” These are easy questions to predict, write thoughtful answers to, and nail in the interview. You are setting yourself apart from others by simply practicing and sounding coherent and well-spoken.

Reach out to former successful applicants

Reaching out to past applicants is arguable the most impactful step of the interview preparation process. Former successful applicants are almost always happy to share their knowledge with you.

Research your interviewer

You know that the interviewer is doing a deep dive on you before your interview. They’ve likely looked at all your socials and done a Google search on your name at a minimum.

Know the company or sponsor

It’s not enough to know the job listing. You should also know about the company or sponsor of the opportunity.

Set yourself up for success

This last step seems like common sense, but the hustle and bustle of life often muddies our ability to show up to the interview as our best selves.



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